Grill Design Challenges

In order to get Whole system good performance, those elements are key to study; 

1. Grill Mechanical design for water proof, heat flow, grate size etc. 

2. Controller system- control strategy on motor speed, fan speed and volume, hot rod rating power and reliability, pellet value selection; 

3. User operating environment, user friendly etc. 

Our capability is to make controller more functionalities without any cost occurred

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Key components- fire pot:                    Key components- drop pan and grate:                 Key components- hopper:

1. Keep from fire back;                          1. Size for more food and bigger food;                 1. Water proof;   

2. Heat flow up;                                     2. No Ash contamination ;                                       2. Enough capacity for pellet;                  

3. Keep hot rod cooling;                       3. Heat even;                                                             3. Pellet clean and monitor;

4. Self reliability;                                    4. Fire directly up;                                                    4. Strong enough for movement; 

5. Easy Ash clean;                                  5. Easy clean;                                                             5. Easy assembly;

                                                                                                                                                   6. Heat isolation; 

                                                                                                                                                   7. Good outlook;